Risky is the New Safe / Riskli Olan Yeni Güvenlidir

Louie Giray


Written by Randy Gage, Risky is the New Safe is an accessible, easy-to-read book that provides out-of-the-box insights on how to approach life, become successful, and live unconventionally through risking. Randy Gage is an American author, businessman, and motivational speaker, who is known for his inspiring rags-to-riches life story. Divided into seven chapters creatively named after parts of the opera, the main argument of the book is using the old, conventional, and safe paradigms is risky. It demands for a change in thinking and encourages the readers to act by embracing risk. It is not deadening and is recommended to decision-makers and to those who are interested in undertaking the risky and unconventional pathway.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Risk-taking, contrarianism, economy, strategy, decision-making.

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